reverse the curse

Reverse the curse

Reverse the curse with a generational blessing. Never fall for the generational curse scenario and try to reverse a curse without confirmation first. Chances are your energy is simply crossed up and you are not cursed. Always make a check list, try a salt test and please be sure you understand about generational curses before you endeavor on breaking such .

Psychic Cords for Psychic Readings Free Lesson 1

Psychic Cords for Psychic Readings Free Lesson 1 When first embarking on a psychic reading it is important to develop some processes to ground and protect you the reader and the querent who is the seeker. To commence purify your surrounding mentally, spiritually and physically as it will automatically open you up to positive astral energies for the psychic, .

How to Cast a Candle Spell

Casting a candle spell can be crafted to work in many situations. Here is a quick no fuss way to cast a simple candle spell on a daily basis if required. Tailor this simple spell to your own ways to create your own methods that suits you and your environment as modern magick has now adapted to our way .