My name is Christine. I live in Kallista, which is a beautiful place nestled amongst Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Mountains of Victoria..  The spiritual journey I have been on began at an early age and today I am a mother, an intuitive and a friend. I’m a real person who faces many of the same challenges that you face.  At a very young age I was fascinated with the science of all living creatures and how they passed through to the afterlife. Being not only a Scorpio, but a double Scorpio, Sun and Ascending, one of the most intuitive of all of the star signs, my focus was intense and it was not long before I could see the aura or energy around objects at hand. Everyday playing card Readings and participating in various séances and rituals from an early age influenced me deeply to do further metaphysical research as I matured. These triggers to my curiosity urged me to explore the metaphysical sciences including participating in many popular courses like Shiatsu and Culpeppers Botanics.

As I traveled around the world working and exploring in my late teens, I began to be drawn to the moon and the skies and the impact the larger cycles of the stars have upon us.  I returned to Australia to take formal metaphysical studies, becoming qualified as an astrologer, cosmobiologist, along with numerology and divination with tarot cards. My continuing quest for spiritual growth has been enriched by my travels.

I realized in my twenties that my Readings for people were accurate and meaningful. I use my inborn gifts of natural psychic and empathic awareness in all my Intuitive Readings, it has been an exciting journey helping people to grow in their spiritual quests, and assisting to give answers that Spirit is waiting to give to people, as they face their particular life situations. I look forward to working with you on your journey to find the answers you are seeking, whatever they might be.

I maintain that people take responsibility for their lives and am honored that my Readings help each person recognize the power and potential they were born to live and believe that each person has the capacity to transform his or her life and every Reading allows people to recognize their power.  Assisting and empowering people in their lives, their journey’s and at crossroads in their lives is my gift and my joy.  I continue to counsel my clients both in person and online.  I work with numerous tools and methods of Divination that enable me to see clearly into anyone’s past, present and future situation, need or dilemma.

I use a variety of methods to assist clients.  My skills and services may be broad yet they are tailored to your specific needs as required.

  • Pendulum Divination (Pallomancy)
  • Astrology
  • Psychic Reading (Spell Casting to benefit you…..harming no other)
  • Tarot Reading
  • Accurate Intuitive Readings
  • Crystals and working with Crystal energies
  • Making spiritual tools to assist clients with their spiritual practice and spiritual needs, for example, crystals, crystal essences, crystal and herb oils, assisting clients with knowledge of candle   magic, circle making, protection, and spiritual cleansing with sacred herbs.
  • I look forward to working with you on your journey and helping you with the answers you are seeking.

I am currently doing regular Psychic Dinners with groups of people in their homes or at venues, private Readings in person, Readings over Skype by instant message, phone call or video call and running a metaphysical store catering to everyone’s spiritual needs.  I work full time as a Psychic and love to use all my gifts, I enjoy the challenges, the variety, and the satisfaction I get every day from assisting so many, in so many ways.

I work with numerous tools and methods of Divination that enable me to see clearly into anyone’s past, present and future situation, need or dilemma.


Love Problems?  Relationship Issues? Business Solutions?

Christine is an Accredited Astrologer, Mystic & Tarot Reader. Professional working psychic for many years who can be found Australia Wide and Internationally for matters relating to love, relationships and business that seeks mystical insights with visions from the Heart & Soul!

Phone a Psychic Direct on 1902 261 444 $3.85 p/m

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