Fertility Folklore Old Wives Tales

Fertility folklore old wives tales
A blossoming lively pregnancy is one we can all wish for and to be pregnant is an occurrence some of us experience only once or twice in a life time. Holistic living, mind, body and soul encourage clean honest lifestyles at any time of life and in particular during our fertile years. During our reproductive years it’s natural to be health conscious and more likely for a very good reason is to have a healthy bouncing baby alas this does not always happen no matter what precautions taken but we tend to take heed and listen to advice, guides, customs including gypsy folklore.
Nowadays we understand the benefits of exercise and diet including raw foods for instance and to approach reproductive health for both men and women in a well rounded fashion.
A client recently asked about fertility spiritually and to put together a page for old gypsy birth customs, tips and tricks in connections to reproduction and birth which will be updated with new rituals and nature spells time permitting. Please feel free to contribute more fertility folklore customs.

Goose Birth Totem 1



There are many fertility charms, amulets and talismans such as Mother Earth the female parent of our much-loved planet and is depicted in a variety of womanly shapes and sizes in many cultures. Several give thanks and make offerings as Mother Earth is considered to be a pagan goddess in a spiritual form and symbolically represents fertility, abundance and the bearer of life.
Mother Nature is one of the same names as Mother Earth who is believed to have existed since the dawn of time. There are many feminine symbols that represent Mother Nature or Mother Earth for symbolically she nurtures our existence in its many facets by understanding our most sensitive natural ways and brings fruitfulness and richness to our planet.



A great granola recipe using buckwheat (ovulation), Turmeric (therapeutic) and Ginger (fertility and circulation) now exist and many teas and beverages made with oranges and lemons including molasses or honey, allspice, turmeric, alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, red clover blossoms.
Here is the link for a popular granola fertility recipe
Fertility Crystal Grid


Wear or carry fertile crystals even put them under your bed or try a fertility crystal grid on bare skin!
Rose quartz is extremely popular for love and fertility. Moonstone powerful connection with women’s cycles and lunar cycles, find your astrological fertile time by using your date of birth. Garnets, Carnelian, Obsidian, Red Jasper are a few sacral base charka crystals that honor earth and can creatively improve us by boosting our libido.



Ask a pendulum for the best time to conceive, boy or girl or a question with a yes or no question. Draw images of baby breath or dancing children, try different fertility teas and beverages. To grow parsley successfully indicates fertility. Read a book, relax take deep breaths then try.
Take a look at this interesting google page on gypsy birth customs, beliefs and practices.

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