I Am” that’s why “I Will Show You”

21st March- 20th April


Planetary Ruler:Mars
Sign Element: Fire
Sign Quality: Cardinal
Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius
Country: England, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Syria, Poland.
Cities: Berlin, Birmingham, Florence, Krakow, Leicester, Marseilles, Naples, Verona

More About Aries:

Principle Colours: Red-Action, Black-Protection
Principle Crystals & Gems: Diamonds will empower, with red gems like Bloodstone, Emerald, Garnet, Ruby, Red Topaz to activate.
Principle Flowers & Herb Dominions: Scarlet Rose, Red Gladiolus, Red Poppy, Hawthorn, Butchers Broom, Hedge Hyssop and Flax.
Lucky Day: Tuesday is ruled by Mars (Aries) in the day transforming rulership with Pluto (Scorpio) by night, making this day full of abundance, energy and progress.
Emotional Connection: Arians are possessed with a strong will power and always seem to have the urge to do something. With courage and conviction to work, they will rarely back away from a fight or challenge. If afflicted some negative traits of impulsiveness and wasting energy. Many Aries may need to learn to complete the tasks once they start without becoming dramatic or frustrated.
Organic Association: The head, heat from the body, muscles hormone/libido.

Careers, Occupations, Social Connections: Athletes, Armed Forces, Mechanics, Technicians, Craftsmen and Surgeons.

Keen on freedom and exploration, as this keeps balance with Arian energy, who seem to always have an intense emotional life. Aries will defend and protect family, loved ones or a cause that evokes much passion thus showing great allegiance and loyalty.

Love Aspect: Love sometimes can be a contest almost a sport, if you allow so expect many passionate and fiery moments. Most importantly both lovers should compliment with personalities and their environment or it just isn’t going to work! Enjoy Aries energy; however, be aware of their inclination to self love, self-centeredness and unbridled passion. Often attracted to lovers of adventure with the more spontaneous the better to begin! Once committed one of the most intimate of mates.


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