“I Feel” it’s “Where I come from”
My Mother and Soul Ancestors.

22nd June – 22nd July.

Planetary Ruler: Moon
Sign Element: Water
Sign Quality: Cardinal
Compatibility: Scorpio, Pisces
Country: Algeria, North & West Africa, Netherlands, New York, New Zealand, Paraguay, Scotland.
Cities: Amsterdam, Venice, Istanbul, Milan, Tokyo, Wellington NZ.

More about Cancer…

Principle Colours: White, Silver, Cotton, Ivory, Pearl.
Principle Crystals & Gems: Carnelian, Ruby, Chalcedony also Moonstone, White Opal & Fresh Water Pearl as Venus pays tribute to Moon Goddess, Mother of Pearl, All Pearls.
Principle Flower & Herb Dominions: Acanthus, Convolvulus, Purslane, Tarragon, Wallflower, White Rose, White Geranium & Hydrangea, Water Lilies, White Iris.
Lucky Day: Monday: Ruled by the Moon (Cancer) Offerings to the Lunar Angels for a top start to the week.
Emotional Connection: Leadership, imagination and intuitiveness are strong character qualities in Cancerians as they often show great compassion for stepping up and defending or protecting any family member particularly their sibling brothers and sisters. Great management skills and liked by many who work alongside. Cancer bosses are employee friendly unless crossed, they are enjoyable to work with as their intuitive feminine side understands and has patience although they will quickly take control again once a crisis has passed. Cancerians have their way of doing and like finishing goals right to the end.
Organic Association: Fertility, Breasts, Chest, The soul, Lymph Function, Body nutrition, fluids and alimentary canal.

Career, Occupation, Social Connection: Dedicated Mothers, Management Executives, Business Partners, Plumbing Trades, The family, The Nation, Nursing, Mid Wife, Antique Collectors, Museum Curators, Natural Cooks, History Teachers,

Love Aspect: Caring and nurturing partners and can be confidently steadfast. Sentimental, Cancerians rarely forget a birthday or special occasion. A Cancer home is their castle, often loyal to their mother or there may be mothering issues since she makes all the difference as family traits and ancestry are important. Sensual Lovers.


Personal and Sentimental Gifts, All Pearls, Rubies, Family Picture Frames, Photo Display Organizer, Seafood Cookbooks, Cotton Rugs & Covers, White Flowers, Spa Retreat Holidays, Wine and Dine. Luggage, Purses, Satchels; Cancer crabs love containers. Toy making, confectionary, crochet gifts, Baskets and cane gifts, silver, Children’s or historical fiction books, Water colour paintings, patchwork quilts, wood carvings, whole food cookery books, interior designer gifts, string instruments.