‘I Balance What Others Show Me” People and Partners are foremost.

23rd September – 22nd October.


Planetary Ruler: Venus
Sign Element: Air
Sign Quality: Cardinal
Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius
Country: Argentine, Austria, Burma, Canada, China, Egypt (Upper), Japan, Tibet and a number of South Pacific Islands
Cities: Antwerp, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Leeds, Lisbon, Nottingham, Vienna, Zurich

More about Libra…

Principle Colours: Magenta & Venus hues of pastel sky blue, soft pink & green.
Principle Crystals & Gems: Sapphire, Jade, White Opal
Principle Flower & Herb Dominions: Old Fashioned Rose, Peach Dahlia, Spring Blossom, Magenta or Mauve Azalea, Dymorphoteca- Margherita, Singapore Orchid.
Lucky Day: Friday ruled by Venus. Planetary ruler Taurus and Libra and its perfect for loving, being philanthropic and extravagant shopping.
Emotional Connection: Librans know how to live and love to surround themselves with fine foods, beauty and art. They seek a harmonious life and enjoy expressing their artistic skills and being true diplomats (The scales) of the zodiac; Librans often stand on middle ground. This is comparable to sitting on the fence until issues are resolved; no matter how long it may take, Librans forever and a day will err on social justice rather than personal feelings.
Career: Fashion, Beauty, Cosmetics, Luxury life style trades, High Ranking Military Armed Forces. Professionals to the rich and famous.
Organic Association: Kidneys
Love Aspect: Librans like to meet and marry their match; their equal will have to have an understanding of fair play. Librans planetary ruler is Venus often meaning they are blessed with strong powers of attraction and are passionately romantic. It’s important that a Libran is comfortable with their partner, as from time to time a test of faith and love can appear and seeing that it’s in a Librans nature to step back at times it’s possible that a Libran can give away their love or passion so as not to upset the way of things. This can lead to scattering of their emotions and sometimes their affections in a less than secure way. Hence scandal, fame and fortune can often enter the life of a Libran.


A set of Sapphire, Jade or White Opal earrings or matching bracelets. Acquire two of everything including elegant identical Book Ends, a pair of stylish Silver Photo frames, twin Candle holders. Librans also enjoy expensive sweet treats, cosmetics, fashion and beauty products. Most Yin and Yan symbolic gifts. Musical Gifts. Millenary, confectionary, writing materials for a romantic fiction story, lino printing, stone carvings, machine knitted garments, pet fish, Egyptology Books, Music Books, Quiz games, indoor plants, kites.