‘I believe in the sub conscious mind, spiritual self and humility’

20th February – 20th March

‘I believe in the sub conscious mind, spiritual self and humility’

Planetary Ruler: Neptune
Sign Element: Water
Sign Quality: Mutable
Compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio
Country: Gobi, Numerous Mediterranean Islands, Sahara Desert, Portugal, Spain, Scandinavia, Egypt
Cities: Alexandria, Jerusalem, Seville, Warsaw

More about Pisces…

Principle Colours: Opalescent and Iridescent soft colours including Sea Green, Aqua
Principle Crystals & Gems: White Sapphire, Coral, Amethyst, White Opal, Moonstone, Bloodstone,
Principle Flower & Herb Dominions: Mushrooms, Weeping Willow, Chrysolith, Hyacinth, Euphorbia, Papyrus, Stephanotis, Jasmine, Narcissus, Lime, Succory, Gypsophila, Violet, Madonna lily, Zinnia, White lilac, Water Lily
Lucky Day: Thursday is ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius) in the day and co- rules Pisces (Neptune) by Night.

Emotional Connection: It’s sometimes a challenge for Pisceans’ to diverge from their imagination and contemplative state of mind; they are often referred to as the poetic visionaries of the zodiac. Always sympathetic for a cause and compassionate to loved ones who may need a helping hand from time to time, although a lack of grounding and drifting tendencies may suggest its best keep your options open as Pisces plans change frequently. Pisces are quite often spiritual and they posses’ natural healing abilities so if it’s their inclination to be a practitioner or they have a creative talent then organization, will power and a long term focus to obtain their dream will be the challenge.
Organic Association: Intestines, Lymph Glands, Feet

Career, Occupation, Social Connection: On stage Personalities, Councilors, Spiritualists, Marriage Celebrants. Pisceans often prefer two part time jobs than full time work. Magicians, Aid workers, Analysts, Nurses for the elderly or mentally ill. Photographers, Film Editors, Projectionists, Nursery or Horticulturists, Landscape Designers. Caring, creative or scientific fields. Fishermen and Merchant Marines.

Love Aspect: From the onset Pisces people are easily impressed and one could almost say susceptible to being easily influenced and at one time or another many can lack direction in what exactly they are wanting from love and life. Some of us love for a reason wanting love, status or material gain in return but a Pisces lover will love for the simple sake of doing so with unconditional love or commitment. It’s also a Pisces trait to search for their soul mate or twin partner in life, even if this means overlooking the reality of what really is happening if unfavorably aspected. Remarkably many Pisces people will experience and find their soul mate at some point of their life. Pisces lovers are tender, romantic and often sentimental.


Entertainment, Photo Frames and Cameras, Opulent Bath Oils and Spa Products, Honey Gifts, Pressed or Dried Flowers, Beach Holiday Resorts, Perfume, Glassware, Puppets and Toys, Fishing Tackle, Swimming or water type gifts, Cartoon Books, Paper Marbling Gifts, Lino or Printed Art Works. Seascapes. Tarot and other Spiritual gifts. Surf or Seaside Dining, whole food or vegetation cook books, paper marbled stationary, toys, carton book or drawings. Maritime history books, pet fish, animal charities.