scorpioI desire Prosperity, have Values and am Resourceful. Rebirth and Transformation

23rd October – 22nd November.


Planetary Ruler: Pluto
Sign Element: Water
Sign Quality: Fixed
Compatibility: Cancer, Pisces
Country: Korea, Morocco, Norway, Transvaal, Uruguay, Syria
Cities: Cincinnati, Halifax, Hull, Fez, Liverpool, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Newfoundland, Washington, Valencia,

More about Scorpio…

Principle Colours: Cerise/Dark Red
Principle Crystals & Gems: Topaz, Amber, Fire Opal, Onyx (Pluto) Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone.
Principle Flower & Herb Dominions: Cerise Rhododendron, Geranium, Cerise Hyacinth, Red Petunias, Phlox ‘Starfire’, Calandrinia Umbellatus
Lucky Day: Tuesday is ruled by Mars (Aries) in the day transforming rulership with Pluto (Scorpio) by night, making this day full of abundance, energy and progress.
Emotional Connection: Scorpios have a great sub conscious understanding of life. When this is joined together with their superior will power it allows their ability to apply their aspirations and objectives for the good of others. They are resourceful and work tirelessly often relying on their huge reserves of get-up-and-go. Scorpios are capable of many successful achievements; they are very thorough and make good detectives as they like to get the core of all problems. It is believed Scorpios can often be found with people who have a certain magical charismatic influence over many, such as journalists, actors, public speakers and politicians and are often seen to be working in these scenes.

Career, Occupation, Social Connection: Engineering, Mining, Merchant Navy, Security, Wine Industry, Research, Detectives, Undertakers

Organic Association: The collective consciousness, regeneration, sexual genitals.
Love Aspect: Scorpios are intensely passionate with strong sexual tendencies that are often exciting and magnetic. Moments of jealousy can appear if Scorpios are not fully secure and at times of stress Scorpios will embrace change moreover they can be rather direct in making their feelings known if they disapprove. Scorpios can also be secretive if unhappy or uncertain. They are very protective and supportive of family life.


Detective novels, DVDs and the movies. Darkest of sunglasses, Ruby, Garnet and Topaz crystals, Sexy Lingerie, Vineyard Wine Tastings and Getaways. Eagle and Wolf figurines, engraved carvings, greenhouse plants, condiments and jams, choirs or church music, backgammon, astronomy books, stocks and shares, conjuring gifts, erotica, coins.