I Have” therefore “My Values, Assets
Physical Self holds the Key”

21st April – 20th May

Planetary Ruler: Venus
Sign Element: Earth
Sign Quality: Fixed
Compatibility: Virgo, Capricorn
Countries: Island of Capri, Cyprus, Ischia, Ireland, Greek Islands, Lesbos, Ibiza, Italian Islands, Iran, Switzerland.
Cities: Dublin, Leipzig, Lucerne, Palermo, Parma, St Louis, Waterford.

More about Taurus…

Principle Colours: Pink, Pale Blue Hues, Pastel Shades.
Principle Crystals & Gems: Sapphire, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Pearl of Venus.
Principle Flowers & Herb Dominions: Blackberry, Pear, Peach, Archangel (Lamium Album), Self Heal, Queen of the Meadows, Rose, Foxglove, Primular, Periwinkle.
Lucky Day: Friday ruled by Venus. Affectionate, generous, open to love.
Emotional Connection: An immense sense of harmony with practical and positive out looks in life. Feelings run deep as there is a personal power about Taureans that have their own unique attraction. Often a tad more conservative in character although their love of nature and luxury combine to make the best of what life has to offer or so most Taurus will want you to believe. Artistic in a more earthy sense often creating more practical gifts that can be worn or utilized in some way. Famous Singers!
Organic Association: Throat, Neck, tonsils, jaw, jugular vein, thyroid, tongue, voice box & chin. Speak up Taurus! Don’t leave words unsaid or unsung for good well being.
Career, Occupation, Social Connection: Artisans, Entertainers, Singers, Horticulturists, Farmers, Builders Trades, Home Makers, Estate or Land Agents.

Taurean people love to be connected, especially with Art or Entertainment gatherings. Farming & Rural Life interests them very much. They also enjoy practical ownership of their businesses. Collectors of valued gems and crystals.

Love Aspect: Taureans have an eye for physical beauty along with luxury comfort and family commitment showing their warm hearted and loving side. Although notorious for a stubborn personality at times, they sometimes can be jealous, possessive and greedy. Taurean women are warm, wonderful, practical loving mothers.


Movie or Theatre Tickets, Cd’s. Solo Albums, Sapphire, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Pearl of Venus. Renowned collectors of Crystals & Gems. Hand Made Jumpers, Scarves, Hats, attractive Bags, Musical Instruments, pottery, decorative cakes, lace, classic cookery books, soft furnishings, Clay sculptures, puppets, and woven hangings. Country and Western Music, Landscape paintings.