‘I Analyze My Daily Work, Health, Service and Pets are Central.

23rd August – 22nd September


Planetary Ruler: Mercury
Sign Element: Earth
Sign Quality: Mutable
Compatibility: Taurus, Capricorn
Country: Bosnia, Brazil, Crete, Greece, Jordan, Turkey, Yugoslavia, West Indies.
Cities: Athens, Boston, Heidelberg, Lyons, Corinth, Paris

More about Virgo…

Principle Colours: Mercury Blue, Chocolate Brown, Mercury Green
Principle Crystals & Gems: Sapphire, Sardonyx, Topaz, Amazonite, Peridot, Fluorite, Jasper
Principle Flower & Herb Dominions: Blue Iris, Blue Hydrangea, Elecampane, Love in the Mist, Blue Agap
anthus, Horehound, Lavender, Lobelia, Melilot, Mountain Blue Flowers, Honey Suckle.
Lucky Day: Wednesday is ruled by Mercury (Gemini & Virgo ruling planets) Fortunate inspiring thoughts and communication reign on this day.
Emotional Connection: With an eagerness for knowledge complimented with practical thinking Virgos have all the ability to comprehend life as a whole. They are particular about tidiness and show lots of attentive care. Always accepting responsibilities well, Virgos often work in teams where they can apply their specialized skills including numerical such as finance and frequently take particular interest in the treatment of another’s health concerns. Virgos are very keen on smaller domestic pets especially cats and dogs.
Organic Association: Nervous system, Stomach including intestines.
Love Aspect: Although social Virgos often like to look in on other people’s lives, privately they will devote their love in a personal way. They have a keen eye for partnerships although at times lack confidence and may worry too much in the initial courting stages hence the expression ‘Butterflies in my stomach’ may suit. Virgos tend to be rather fussy with lots of questions before a life partner commitment is considered. Reputed to be the voyeurs of the Zodiac, look but don’t touch!


Spas, Health resorts, Sapphire or Topaz Crystals, All small ornamental animals including Cats & Dogs, Diaries, Journals. Spinning tops, candles, pressed flowers, tailored clothes, pewter, honey cake and gifts, jig saws, Florentine embroidery. Red cross or charity donations.