How to Cast a Candle Spell

Casting a candle spell can be crafted to work in many situations. Here is a quick no fuss way to cast a simple candle spell on a daily basis if required. Tailor this simple spell to your own ways to create your own methods that suits you and your environment as modern magick has now adapted to our way of life. As with all good wicca and pagan rituals this method is home spun with simple steps and has been passed down through many generations.

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How to cast a candle spell

1. Turn candle upside down then right way up

2. With a pin or similar write scribe names, or words of intent directly onto the candle, anoint with spell, crystal or favorite flower essence oil if liked.

3. Turn candle upside down then right way up a second time

4. Position the candle and flame the wick. Concentrate and focus on the name or intention.

5. Once the candles are burnt down and cooled turn the candle upside down for the third time and make your wish or affirmation. Bury upside down towards mother earth as an offering.

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