Animal Lovers Page Thumb Markers Filigree Gold Bookmark Set


Perhaps it was a handmade, rare or a specialized book that first required a page to be marked for future reference. History tells us that throughout ancient literature there has always been a marker of one type or another to keep a place in a book, and the first bookmark types may have first been made with a simple strap of leather. In medieval time’s parchment paper and cord was favored as long as it would do the job, not mark the pages and do no harm. In the industrial revolution machine woven bookmarks were developed in the silk ribbon industry.
Nowadays many bookmarks are manufactured and made in a variety of materials including paper, wood, silk, ribbon, cotton, leather, beads, felt, steel, wire, with some decorated in gemstones, embroidery, silk tassels to give some examples. Bookmarks are often individualized, personalized and often cherished making some very valuable and are often sort after keepsakes. Bookmarks make good commemorative and thank you gifts including birthdays and other celebratory occasions.
Our natural fascinations with books and writers have developed many diverse topics to explore. Even though the age of technology reigns books are still very much in demand. Many of us have returned to enjoy the tactile feel of having a book in our hand or lap whether it’s fiction or nonfiction and often fiddling with a bookmark as we read. Our enthusiasm to keep reading books using our own individual bookmarks can be very personal, special, even prized today.

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