Black Onyx Palm Gems 30 mm Medium Worry Mojo

Palm - Worry - Cabochons

Cabochons and Worry Stones are Palm or Thumb Gems with different styles, though very similar. Cabochons are often turned into rings and pendants because of their flat backs.  Worry Stones are shaped in a certain way also. Suitable for programming desire & intent!
 How to activate, program and apply a cabochon, palm, thumb or worry crystal?
Cabochon, Palm, Thumb and Worry Stones are well known for their ability to assist you in focusing when specific requests are made during meditations or ritual practices. Great for healing and manifesting, place strategically in homes, offices, private and spiritual spaces. 
To free the Cabochon or Worry Stone from energies of their transitional past and to allow a pure transference of energy from its origins to you, purification and cleansing are important.  Purification and cleansing of the gem stones will wash away any negativity clinging to them, as well as liven up their energies.
Hold your Cabochon or Worry Stone under running rain, spring or local water. Soak in diluted sea salt or allow it to energize under a full moon at night and harness the sun’s rays by day.  They can also be placed on quartz clusters overnight to cleanse and energize them.
 Your Cabochon or Worry Stone is now ready to be programmed. A useful way is to hold the stone in your hand above your waist for up to 5 minutes for the energy quality to emanate or program to your requirements. During this time transfer your thoughts and energies into the gem stone visualizing the purpose you wish the Cabochon or Worry Stone to vibrate to. You can generate and manifest a desired outcome or clear yourself of any unwanted influence.
 A quick and easy technique for a daily or weekly manifesting practice is to write down your desires, hopes or dreams, once your list or note is complete, wrap the Cabochon or Worry Stone with it.  Hold the stone in your left hand (waist up) and meditate, then keep it wrapped for 3 days holding it as often as you like. At the very least it will make you feel like you are doing something in a positive way to help your situation and that purification and blessings can only help to promote healing in any situation.
Specially hand crafted stones for love, luck and harmony
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