6 Smudge Feather Colour Quills Large 30cm

Feather Quill Pens

Feather Quill Pens
Colourful natural feather quill pen. They look great, practical and fit comfortably into your palm, making it easy to write special notes or letters whether it be for business, love, crafts or personal rituals.  Feather quill pens dip well with most types of inks, oils and potions. There are a great many mystical and magical uses for these crafty pens, here are some colour interpretations to help you along… 
 Blue aids power and communication, understanding, spiritual compassion.
Black protects and assists to remove negative forces in written form.  
Orange colour of bliss and happiness let the sun rays shine through.
Red is the colour of passion and sexual energy. Passionate love letter is a must!
Purple represents third eye vision and transparency.  Dignity and self unite. 
White associates with purity and clarity. Ancestry connections and the afterlife.
Green empowers wealth and abundance. Universal colour for prosperity. 

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