Blue Sealing Wax Sticks 3 Wick Refills

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A well made seal assists in so many ways, they are useful for authenticity in blessings, abundance, love letters, sealing prosperity and longevity rituals, agreements, documents even preparing spell stars. Throughout the ages our ancestors have their own personalized family seals or crests which are still used in ceremonies and rituals today and this will continue for many centuries to come. Sealing a document or letter gives a certain formal feel, a sense of belonging as well as safeguarding your privacy from prying eyes.
Working quietly and alone with sealing rituals allows thoughtfulness that gives you control over the precise spot where you want to flame the wax. As you focus allow the molten wax to drip where you want and with this your intention will follow. A swift placement of the seal will close up what you have now sealed for as long as you wish. Once unsealed some would say the spell also is then unlocked.
When sealing wax it becomes molten it is extremely hot and therefore it’s not recommended for children under the age of 14 years. Safety first at all times when handling.
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