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Lenormand Oracle

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand Alençon, 27 May 1772 – Paris, 25 June 1843. Marie Anne Lenormand was famous throughout Europe particularly France and now modern Germany. A professional clairvoyant of the 19th century. Marie-Ane was known as the “Sybille des Salons” and read cards for Napolean and Josephine Bonaparte. Her original deck had 32 cards and was published around 1828. These original cards first used by Lenormand are probably the skat cards, consisting of 32 cards which could be found in any home with French pictures and four colours (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) during that century. 
Lenormand Tarot  The first tarot deck inspired by Madame Lenormand, the most famous cartomant in history. The images come from the Book of Thoth by Etteilla and from the oracle cards by the same Lenormand. The simplicity and intuitive power of this Tarot creates a key for reading the past, present and future.

After her death her name was used on many cartomacy decks. As a result a wave of French cartomancy influences began in the late 18th century with this a smaller version with 36 cards – the Petit Lenormand – was created around 1840. Lenormand Oracle cards are a reproduction of a Lenormand deck printed in Paris in 1890. Each card shows its number and the symbol for that card. The instruction booklets gives the cards meanings and the “gipsy method” of reading them.

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