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2 Reverse Spell Red Ritual Dual Action Candles


Use where a two hour occasion is required or when time is of the essence! They’re great spell candles and used extensively throughout the occult spiritual world. Traditionally Crafted, made in Australia.

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Reverse Spell! Dual Action!

Red Top with Black Base Candles

2 hour wicked little Candles

The different combinations of colours compliment, attune and align spiritual vibrations creating an ambiance of sensations once the candle is alight. There are many applications including blessings, rituals & spells and enjoyment. Apply these candles for individual, progressing or ongoing rites. Use where a two hour occasion is required or when time is of the essence! They’re great spell candles and used extensively throughout the occult spiritual world for Banishing & Protection rites. Traditionally Crafted, made in Australia.

Candles have solid colour throughout and the black wax is made from natural squid ink.

They are Unscented dipped tapers. Clear burning and have a terrific Glow! Fantastic.

Each candle is 13 cm tall with a diameter of 1.5 cm plus.

How to Reverse Spells using reverse spell oil

Undo what has been done!

Reverse spells is one of the most popular spells from the Pagan wicca range of magical. It is the special combination of oils, candles and methods that many people choose to use over and over again. Reverse spells can be as gentle or potent as you like as it all depends on what you’re trying to do or manifest when using it. Reverse spell candles can be used for reverse spells, reverse candles, return to sender spells, crossing, revenge, jinxes, evil eye, curses, mirror scrying rituals to name a few!

In regards to the art of magical practices and its use of reverse spells, well, there is nothing really definite nor proven outright as to its benefits or capabilities only to say it’s been noted throughout history mostly in the occult world as a magical combination for rituals spells in all wicca and pagan magick. So certain are some that when wished upon it is believed to reverse what has been done and return to a natural order by reinstating what originally was unjust or unfair in the first place. Of course some things can’t be undone or changed although one can begin the process of getting it right in the future one way or another and this is where this spell may prove to be invaluable.

How to use reverse spell using reverse spell oil

Reverse spell oil has many applications most commonly used for reverse candles where the reverse candle is turned base side away and wick facing you.

Face towards the situation working against you and work towards this direction to begin. First apply reverse oil on the centre black half of the candle moving towards the bottom end pointing outwardly away from your body. Then anoint the candle from the centre to the top wick half adding good intentions for yourself or others. Before this is done add your name and preferred outcome etched into the top part of the candle which might be red, green, white etc and below in the black area write the wicked situation you’re defending, write this backwards in mirror writing fashion so it can be reversed and the negativity is sent back from whence it came.

The candle can then be placed on a mirror or in front of a mirror that is facing towards the intended direction where some like to write on the mirror itself like in mirror scrying ritual so the name is reversed as it is reflected from the mirror and onto or through the candle. As the top half of the candle melts over the lower area your spell is symbolically complete. Tip: Do not turn the candle upside down when you dispose of carefully in this instance, it’s not advised. Remember you can dress and adorn the candle as you want also paper/card it’s going to be used at the halfway point as a fire offering while the candle burns. Depending on the folk spell you might like to dress the candle or paper/card by sprinkling salt, cayenne and black pepper onto the reverse oil so it sticks. A drop of reverse anointing oil goes a long way.

External use only reversing oil is anointing oil made with herbs and essential oils.

Team up several complementary tones and create unique blends or carry a single colour theme through your home, office, spell or ritual.
Superior Traditionally Crafted Australian Candles for your home or office enjoyment.
By using the right coloured candle for the right spell you’ll increase your chances of there effectiveness and each colour combination represents a different meaning. So it’s worth considering when blending aromatics, oils and your intent. Place in a salt filled candle holder or egg cup. Make your blessing and light!
• Pure White: Truth, spiritual strength, meditation, healing and lunar energy.
• Abundant Green: Mainly for money, greed, good luck, fertility and ambition.
• Ritual Red is best: Love, Joy sexual passion and courage.
• Classic Black: Excellent in banishing evil entities and negative forces.
• Hot Pink: Perfect love spells and friendship.
• Orange: Law Justice will prevail, happiness and pleasure
• Purple: Master colour, mostly for household protection, independence and healing.
• Yellow: Radiates confidence and charm.
• Gray: Neutralize negative influences.
• Brown: Assists locating lost objects and for protection of household pets or familiars. Call on St Anthony, patron of lost love and objects that you would like quickly to be found & returned. Try on a new moon till it returns.
• Attunement Blue: Angel guidance, astral projection, peace & honor.
• Mercury Blue: Truth, wisdom, protection during sleep, astral traveling, prophetic dreams, loyalty.
• Silver and Gold: Abundance. Gold for partnership, silver if single. Connects with Deities, Gods & Goddesses
• Special blend of natural waxes, oils & vegetable dyes, the same used for batik. All candles use lead-free cotton wicks. Classic & Rainbow colours.

Caution: Never Hold or Leave Candles unattended when alight. Always work any rituals in a safe manner. Light candle or incense away from you starting from the edge. Once alight place the candle or incense on a safe burning fireproof vessel, censor or heatproof dish that cannot burn. Sprinkle fragrant oil, resins or incense powders freely, remember a little goes a long way. Do not handle once lit rather wait until it has burnt through and cooled completely then dispose of carefully and thoughtfully. Warning: Make sure candle or incense is fully extinguished before disposing in a safe manner.

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