3 Feather Quill Pens Blue Green Purple


Feather quill pens dip well with most types of inks, oils and potions. Each feather quill pen is around 28 cm long and 5 cm wide.

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3 Quill Ball Point Pens Large 35 cm
Please the other colours are available if notified at check out otherwise red, white and black will be sent. Thank you.

Stylish Ballpoint quill pens for all to enjoy. This multi colour pack is useful for all types of writing projects. Home, School or Office they will brighten up your desk or working space. Wiccans, neo pagans, and alternatives whose rituals require different types of colours for symbolism or to represent elements, Air East, Earth South, Water West and Fire North may also favor this item. Feather Quill pens can also double up as a smudging feather as well. Great show bag and Christmas stocking filler. Actual product may vary because of the uniqueness of each feather. A large colour feather can be a quill or smudging feather and useful in craft work projects, fancy dress.

Blue aids power and communication, understanding, spiritual compassion.
Black protects and assists to remove negative forces in written form.
Orange colour legal, law, justice, property deals, happiness, and to draw in the good in all.
Red is the colour of passion and sexual energy. Passionate love letter is a must!
Purple represents third eye vision and transparency. Dignity and self unite. Wisdom
White associates with purity, clarity. Ancestry connections and the afterlife. Higher Self
Green empowers wealth and abundance. Universal colour for prosperity.

Natural goose feather ball point quills are 35cm in length
Feather Quill Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, White and Wicked Witch from the Wild West Green

Ink Colour: Black
Cellophane Sealed

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 28 x 5 x 1.5 cm


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