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3 Henna Applicator 5ml Plastic Bottles


Easy squeeze refill plastic bottle with a stand up design for fine detailed designs using henna, oils or liquids.

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Henna Applicator 3 x Plastic Bottles

5 ml Metal Tip Fine Small x 3

Plastic screw cap henna applicator bottle with metal nozzle tip to dispense henna. Comes with a plastic flip top lid to protect and cover.
3 Plastic bottles for fine detailed henna stencils, temporary tattoos, ink, body art or face painting designs also suitable for all craft work.

This nozzle size is a narrow (20 gauge fine) size so mix the henna with henna oil and water till very watery, you may prefer to sift and strain the henna as well before using smaller sizes. Mix with Lemon juice to make it even thinner for smaller designs and this may change the henna colour. The fine nozzel is for detail work or delicate lines. We have found success in all colour types of henna with these bottles also suitable for glitter and other body paint products. You may have to trial and error to get the desired results you are looking for. These bottles are very versatile. The bottles can be used in other areas of craft, book making and similar artistic methods they you might want to try them for.

Easy squeeze refill plastic bottle with a stand up design and comes with syringe tip for dispensing henna, oils or liquids. Bottles can be easily cleaned with soapy water for reuse although this will depend on what it is used for. Check with the product used as to how to to remove. Be sure to clear the tip and dry by keeping it in a warm dry place helps. The henna applicator metal tip should be cleaned straight after use as some products dry quickly. Again check with the products that you have used in the maintenance and cleaning section.

Description Features:

Volume: 5 ml Empty
100% brand new and high quality
Material: Flexible Transparent Polyethylene

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 28 x 22 x 3 cm


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