Feather Charm Tarot Bag Blue


A Satin Drawstring Tarot Pouch are perfect to maintain your tarot cards by keeping them safe and protected from the elements.  A comfortable fitting size for Rider Waite Tarot cards or larger crystal pieces.

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Feather Charms with a Satin Tarot Drawstring Pouch.

Two large silver feather charms fastened to an attractive Satin Tarot pouch. A comfortable fitting size for Rider Waite Tarot cards for instance. These are gorgeous and light, beautifully highlighted in a soft finish, and can easily fit inside a velvet bag, leather holder or wooden box. The shiny material also keeps your cards dust free and polished when kept in a fabric type like this, much like a silk scarf but tailored to fit the purpose.

It is believed the silky coloured fabrics encourage independence. Feather Charms protect astral projection, dream examination, protection and carry messages from the heavens. Drawstring pouches are useful for a multitude of purposes including precious crystals. A Satin Drawstring Tarot Pouch is perfect to maintain your tarot cards by keeping them safe and protected from the elements.

The bag itself is sweetly made, durable and strong. Perfect for those special spiritual keepsakes.

12 CM X 20 CM ~ Tarot Pouch/Bag Size

(5″ x 8″)

This type of material will keep your cards dirt free and protected when kept carefully, they are tailored to fit the purpose. The fabric is excellent in allowing the air to circulate and will also protect, guard and banish negative forces. Drawstring pouches are useful for a multitude of purposes including precious keepsakes and larger crystals.
Carrying Crystals for instance in close contact livens and lifts your vibrations also attunes your being at the same time and often carried on or around our shoulders or waist. The open weave of this fabric aids by allowing the air flow to move freely. There are many other uses for this versatile size.
Quality made with detailed woven drawstrings to open and close and it’s easy to add your favorite charms and amulets to dangle from the drawstrings.
From time to time you can clean your pouch with a gentle wash. Take your cards or objects out of the pouch and hand wash in warm water then dry flat and gently iron if you like.
Team up your tarot or oracle card deck with different pouch colours to create unique energies or ways to identify the style of your deck you may wish to choose to use.
By using the right coloured pouch for the right tarot deck increases your chances of their effectiveness as each colour combination represents a different meaning or symbolic energy. Depends on what your trying to achieve, but it’s worth considering when combining colours and tarot cards that it can sometimes depend on their purpose or question at hand. We try to carry most colours so be sure to check our online shop to see what we have available.
Here are some heavenly colours with their spiritual powers…
• Pure White: Truth, spiritual strength, meditation, healing and lunar energy.
• Abundant Green: Mainly for money, greed, good luck, fertility and ambition.
• Ritual Red is best: Love, sexual passion and courage.
• Classic Black: Excellent in banishing evil entities and negative forces.
• Hot Pink: Perfect love spells and friendship.
• Royal Purple: Mostly for household protection, independence and healing.
• Yellow: Radiates confidence and charm.
• Gray: Neutralize negative influences.
• Brown: Assists locating lost objects and for protection of household pets or familiars. Call on St Anthony, patron of lost love and objects that you would like quickly to be found & returned. Try on a new moon till it returns.
• Attunement Blue: Angel guidance, astral projection, peace & honour.
• Mercury Blue: Truth, wisdom, protection during sleep, astral travelling, prophetic dreams, loyalty.
• Silver and Gold: Abundance. Gold for partnership, silver if single. Connects with Deities, Gods & Goddesses.

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Dimensions 12 x 8 x 1.5 cm


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