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Mega Beauty Glitter Pack


Sparkling hand and body art appliqué designs with sparkling of glitter. Body Art products are made in an array of quality rhinestones and glitter that will delight you. The detailed and excellent workmanship show in this product and it is what makes this item look and feel very special. Appealing and reusable are great for parties, masks, fancy dress, celebrations, dancing, and scrap booking crafts.

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Glitter stickers and mega bindi beauty pack for hands, hair and body art décor

Attractive hand, hair and body art glitter stickers are handy for any occasion. There are 5 different types included in this pack offer and some can be reused whilst others may not. This is a good way to keep plenty ready for upcoming celebrations and festive times. Give one away to a friend or divide up for party bags and fancy dress parties. Glitter stickers and the pretty little crystal jewels are popular with some art projects like putting that final touch on face painting or scrap booking and home craft decorations.

You will receive…

I set of Glitter Hand Large
1 Individual Quality Bindi Dot
1 Hair and Hand set
I Large Packet of Red and Crystal Bindi Dots
I Packet Ornate Bindi Dots

Please Note: Subtle design variations as colour shades and styles vary slightly.

Suitable For Scrapbooking, Art and Craft Projects. Arm Rhinestone Appliqué for Body Art Arm and Hand Wear Bracelets etc.

The colours are deep and rich in tone and quality and look as though they will not fade or damage easily. Made easy to peel back, self stick. Appealing and reusable Rhinestone Appliqués are great for parties, fancy dress, celebrations, dancing, and scrap booking crafts. One size fits all and can vary depending on each design, please look for further information in the description.
There are many colours and subtle style changes therefore a random selection will be sent unless a colour or style is requested at the time of sale or a specific item is indicated in the description and images on this item page for sale. We endeavour to fulfill your order in a professional manner but from time to time inventory updates are not always on hand, so it’s best to check first if unsure or asking for a specific colour or style. Including a photograph often assists us both in this way.
If unsure please leave a message and I will check prior to purchase.

Safe and easy to use this item is very versatile and when applied correctly then can be reused if stored well. A good suggestion is to keep the original packaging so when it comes time to wear them again they are ready as you did in the first instance.
One size Fits All.
Please note: Glitter hand come in pair and are random colour/design selection is chosen per order unless advertised or prior arrangements made.
Sensitive skin: Patch Test first

Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 21 x 15 x 2 cm


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