Psychic Cords for Psychic Readings Free Lesson 1

Psychic Cords for Psychic Readings Free Lesson 1
When first embarking on a psychic reading it is important to develop some processes to ground and protect you the reader and the querent who is the seeker.
To commence purify your surrounding mentally, spiritually and physically as it will automatically open you up to positive astral energies for the psychic, tarot or clairvoyant reading. Once settled and comfortable begin to tune into the psychic cord. A psychic cord is believed to be an invisible cord that joins one person to another. This link will begin to grow and become stronger and could be described as a type of twin aura or connecting force. From there you can pick up a lot of psychic vibration, the emotional energies, the seekers strength or lack of it for instance. Whilst on this level some like to heal with positive energies or delve deeper in the past, present and future of the seeker you read for.
When the person you are reading for leave, close the email reading or hang up the phone they often notice how much better they are feeling, more confident and you as the reader know your energy has reached the seeker in a positive way. At this point you may like to cut the cord of connection and replenish using techniques known to ground and protect yourself and your surroundings. Simple techniques such as washing your hands, drinking water, energy foods often assist for a quick lift if you’re feeling depleted. A shower or bath with epsom salts and an essential oil like ylang ylang will draw out any negative energy fields that linger.
In my opinion its best to begin with a movable lighter connection until the seeker is ready to delve deeper and you will then be able to reveal more as the reading develops.

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