I can’t say enough about GypsyKallista.  Christine’s stock makes shopping with her rather like walking into Aladdin’s cave: dazzling treasures everywhere!  I’ve been able to find items through GypsyKallista that I’ve seen nowhere in the U.S., and the usual glitches that can occur with overseas orders simply never occur; the packing is very protective, shipping is fast, and even coming from Australia to Illinois delivery has been swift….a particularly good thing, since I do not wait well!  Each item I’ve ordered has come with special wrapping and presentation, which makes it like opening a gift, just a lovely touch. Christine responds quickly to questions and requests and no one could be more helpful.  I look for her listings and recommend GypsyKallista highly. You can’t do better!

RebeccaIllinios USA

A few words of praise for your website.

Thank you so much for your email reading.
From the time I spoke to you on the phone to receiving the email, I felt you have every interest in your clients.
You have given me hope that all will be ok and my life will return to a happy marriage and family.
Amazing how you can work so precisely from a photo.


LizMelbourne ~ Victoria

Wow, what can I say! Truly amazing, I have really appreciated having you in my life. To assist me in all my down times that I have had. With your readings and guidance, it has helped me get the strength to keep it together and follow my life path. I can’t thank you enough, Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

AmandaDarwin NT

Excellent spot on reading, Christine has been with me every night helping me, and it’s not about the money like other psychics. She’s there to guide me to my own guides. I’m so glad I have found her xxx

Alex Sydney NSW

Thank you Christine for your prompt, friendly and accurate insight. I’m so
glad I found you!

It is truly amazing and beyond my understanding how you can provide such
personal readings from merely an email and a photo!! We haven’t even met?!
However I am really glad you can!

You were 100% correct by picking up on that I let fear and doubt creep into
my mind set. Your positive readings help me maintain a faith in the future
and by printing them out, i can read them every so often during times when I
need some re-assurance. I really look forward to further guidance from you.
Thanks again!

Steve Melbourne VIC